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Hajia Gambo Sawaba – Story of The Woman Who Survived Forced Marriage at 13 to Become a Powerful Political Activist in The 1950s

Hajia Gambo Sawaba Hajia Gambo Sawaba was a Nigerian politician and activist who was well known for her charitable causes one of which was fighting for the freedom of northern women.   The rights and status of women in Northern Nigeria have to date remained a delicate issue to comprehend or solve although progress is […]

Biography of Ladi Kwali, the Woman on 20 Naira Note

Nigerian 20 Naira Note Twenty Naira (₦20) is one of the most commonly used Nigerian currency notes which leaves many Nigerians questioning the identities of the individuals appearing on it. At the front, there is Murtala Muhammed, a former Nigerian military head of state, and on the back is Ladi Kwali whose biography we bring […]