Tag: Historical wars/conflicts in Yorubaland

The Egba-Dahomey War (1851-1864)

Dahomen Azazon Women Warriors The Egba-Dahomey war, as the name suggests, was a war that broke out between the two neighbouring kingdoms of Egba and Dahomey (now the Republic of Benin) over territorial expansion caused by the quest of the latter to stabilize her economy.   The Egba-Dahomey war was the third of the destructive […]

The Owu-Ife War (1821-1828)

Map of Yorubaland in the 19th Century The Owu-Ife war, as its name denotes, was a bloody conflict that broke out between the people of Ile-Ife and natives of the neighbouring town of Owu between 1821 and 1828. Its significance lies in the fact that it was a war that opened the gate of tragedy […]