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Babatunde Folorunsho – The First Armed Robber To Be Publicly Executed In Nigeria

Babatunde Folorunsho, Ilobo and Oyazimo at the stakes The name Babatunde Folorunsho sounds nice and pleasant to the ears, but its bearer in history was actually a daylight terror and a nightmare to Nigerians in the early 1970s.   Who Was Babatunde Folorunsho? Babatunde Folorunsho was an armed robber and a hardened criminal who threatened the […]

Leave Bobrisky – Meet Calypso King, First Nigerian Man Who Wanted To Become a Woman and Change His Genitals in the 80s

Bobrisky (left) and Bob Actor (right) If we guess right, you are surprised because you have always thought Bobrisky is the first Nigerian man to publicly take up the identity of a woman. Do not be surprised, long before Bobrisky lived a celebrated crossdresser and self-acclaimed transgender named Bob Actor, popularly known as Calypso King! […]

The History Of Christmas In Nigeria: How The First Christmas In Nigeria Was Celebrated In 1842

Reverend Thomas Birch Freeman For hundreds of years, Christmas has been celebrated by Christians across the world as the anniversary of Jesus Christ’s birth. It is one celebration Christians don’t miss because it comes with loads of fun, merriment, love, jollof rice and chicken.   Although, the actual date Jesus Christ was born remains unknown, […]

Inside the First Storey Building in Nigeria

It was in 1842 that the foundation of the first storey building in Nigeria was laid by Reverend Henry Townsend of the Church Missionary Society (C.M.S) on the Marina waterfront in Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria. Three years later, in 1845, some other missionaries finished building what stands today as a significant relic of Nigerian history. The […]