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The Clifford Constitution of 1922 – Features, Merits & Demerits

Sir Hugh Clifford Introduction to the Clifford Constitution of 1922 The Clifford Constitution of 1922 disposed the Nigerian Council of Lord Lugard (1914) and set up a new legislative council for the Southern Protectorate. The membership of the Clifford legislative council was forty-six (46). Twenty-seven (27) out of the forty-six 46 members were officials while […]

Merits and Demerits of the Richards Constitution of 1946

Read the full details and features of the Richards constitution here. Arthur Frederick Richards Below are the merits and demerits (advantages and disadvantages) of the Richards constitution of 1946   Merits/advantages of Richards constitution t brought about regionalism which served as a bedrock for federalism in Nigeria Unlike the Clifford constitution of 1922, the people […]

The Lyttleton Constitution Of 1954 – Main Features, Merits And Demerits

Oliver Lytteton The Lyttleton constitution of 1954 is the fourth and the last of the pre-independence constitutions of Nigeria. It was enacted in 1954 as a successor of the Macpherson constitution of 1951 which was reviewed through constitutional conferences (the London constitutional conference of 1953 and the Lagos constitutional conference of 1954). The Lyttleton constitution […]

The Richards Constitution of 1946 – Features, Merits & Demerits

Arthur Frederick Richards The Richards constitution of 1946 is another link in the chains of colonial or pre-independence constitutions of Nigeria. Following Hugh Clifford’s tenure as the governor of Nigeria, three more governors held the post (Graeme Thompson, Donald Cameron and Bernard Bourdillon) before the enactment of the next constitution which was the 1946 Richards […]