Sayah Anthony – Marching Orders Africa

From the stable of Zion cascades this alignment sound of the Spirit by Nigerianconsistent gospel minister and vocalist, Marching Orders Africa “Sayah Anthony,”titled “Marching Orders Africa,” a prophetic beckon calling upon the nations of Africa into her celestial configurations assigned unto her from the Ancient of Days.

Sayah Anthony has borne the heart pants of the heavenly courtroom to utter the speakings of the court to the continent of Africa. ” The song ‘Marching Orders Africa’ is a call to advance by the sounds of the Spirit upon the wings of the celestial Cherubims. It is the sound of a prophetic convocation to assemble Africa to assume her prophetic ranks in order to fulfil her divine ordination,” Sayah shares.

“This is the season of your march oh Africa, there is a prophetic migration that has been instigated from the throne room. Get ready for the march as we expect the release of heaven’s Marching Orders captured in this sound,” he added!

Sayah’s latest song “Marching Orders Africa” serves as a follow-up to his chart-topping song “Arise,” the power-packed track that is still blessing the lives of every listener around the globe.


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