Kayode Fashola – Ranti Omo Eni Ti Iwo Nse

Download Ranti Omo Eni Ti Iwo Nse by Kayode Fashola

If you are searching for where to download Ranti Omo Eni Ti Iwo Nse Mp3 by Kayode Fashola, you have come to the right place. Kayode Fashola was a popular Nigerian juju musician who rocked the Nigerian music scene in the 1970s.


Resembling highlife music in many ways, juju could be described as a more traditionally African genre of music dominant among Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. Other notable juju musicians include Dele Ojo, Fatai Rolling Dollar, Tunde Nightingale, I. K. Dairo, King Sunny Ade, and Ebenezer Obey.

Kayode Fashola led a juju band called the Music Makers which gained a wide ground by playing a much more down-home sound. Download more Kayode Fashola songs here.

Download Ranti Omo Eni Ti Iwo Nse Mp3

It is worthy of note that Juju music did not derive its name from the word “juju” which is a form of magic and witchcraft mostly common in West Africa, Haiti, Cuba and other South American nations.