Download Ogun by Asabioje Afenapa (Isese Lagba Album)

You are in the right place if you are looking for where to stream and download Ogun by Asabioje Afenapa (from Isese Lagba Album). Ogun’s song is included in Asabioje Afenapa’s album – Isese Lagba (Tradition And Culture Are The Best) which was released in 2007.


Asabioje Afenapa is an Ifa worshipper and a traditional musician. Born into an Egungun family, Asabioje started singing at the tender age of 8. Recently, she was invited to sing and perform at a conference in Venezuela with her full band members.

The traditional geological praises, prayers, and songs of Ifa; Osun; Sango; Oya; Yemoja; Ogun; Ogboni; and Egungun in the album really reflects the rich culture and tradition of Isese (Ifa/Orisa Religion). What makes the album one of the best of its kind is the use of the ancient drums of Orisas like Bata, Dundun, Ogidi, Gangan, etc.

Download Ogun by Asabioje Afenapa

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